Professional Digital Avatars: How to brand your past and broadcast your present brilliantly through visuals and video?

78 Two of the best ways to showcase your talents, skills, experience, expertise, knowledge, and accomplishments in a differentiated manner in today’s workplace take 90 seconds each to execute, and can be done at home in front of your laptop or smartphone.

Yet, few people know about them. Fewer still do them.

Which is great for you. If you learn about them, you will be ahead of the game. Remember, the difference between first and second place in the 100m is a fraction of a second. No advantage is too small.

And this advantage is huge.

Want to know what they are?

Visuals and Video.

Yup, you read right. Visuals and Video.

Before you dismiss this as too cryptic to be credible, let me explain. Let’s start with visuals first.

How does your resume look today?

It looks great, you say. I don’t believe you.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe that it looks great based on how well it captures your experience and education and expertise. Pretty sure you have your bases covered on those things. You wouldn’t be reading this if that wasn’t true.

But, I don’t believe it looks great in terms of format.

No, no, you say. The format is great too. A professional resume writer crafted it, and the line spacing is just right, the page width is exquisite, the bullets are easily readable, the keywords are bold-faced and italicized.

Yes, it looks great in terms of format also, you assert.

I still don’t believe you.

Trust me, I am not being difficult. Just making a point.

When I say format, I don’t mean format, as in the standard, boring resume format that we all have been brainwashed into replicating. I mean format, as in visually striking images and charts.

How does your resume look now?

Not sure of the answer any more, are you? In fact, you aren’t even sure of the question, right?

Why the heck I would want to format my resume with images and charts, you wonder.

Because it is the 21st century, that’s why. Because it is the digital age where we all read less and view more. Because at a time when millennials are the largest working generation, rapid assimilation of visual information is an assumed skill.

And because, at a time when everyone else is formatting their resumes like they were in the 20th century, in an analog world, dealing with baby boomers, making your resume more visual is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

It is the George Costanza strategy from Seinfeld. Do the opposite.

Well, how do you make your resume more visual?

Here’s how.

First, get your standard resume right.

By that I mean, make sure the content on your regularly formatted resume is good. Have a powerful summary upfront that briefly describes who you are, what you do best, what outcomes you have delivered, and why you are different than others.  In your job descriptions, consistently mention company, location, time frames, role, responsibilities, budgets, reporting structure, team size, accomplishments. So on and so forth.

Second, figure out how you want to depict each section of your resume visually.

For example, experience may look best in a timeline graph, with each subsequent role shown at a different level than the previous one. When you hover on a particular role, the details of that assignment are then visible. Project portfolios may be best depicted as loose leaf binders, one per portfolio type, with the projects themselves being the individual sheets in the binder. When you hover on a binder, it opens up, and you can flip through the pages to read about the projects.

You see what I mean? Different than the standard stuff, right?

Third, get the right kind of help.

As you can imagine, converting your standard resume format into this type of Infographic format on your own, without the help of software, is going to be difficult. There are a few programs that allow you to do this without working too hard. There is still some manual work involved in inputting the data for each section, and in picking the right visual depiction of the data, but the software does the heavy lifting of formatting the data.

But the best way to do it is not through a software packages, but through a branding platform. There is a difference.

Branding platforms automatically take your existing resume, like the one on Linked-in, and convert it into one of many Infographics formats in a few seconds. No additional work needed. And they allow you to publicize and showcase your new resume on all social networks.

There are very few branding platforms like the one I am talking about, but they do exist. I will tell you the best one in a few seconds.

Now, let’s talk about video.

I will ask you the same question as before? Answer will be a lot simpler.

How does your video profile look?

What video profile, you ask. I am mystified and confused, you say.

Understood. Video is woefully under-utilized in the personal branding space. Yet, when done properly, a 90 sec pitch video can be a hugely powerful way to differentiate oneself in a crowded marketplace. It allows your target market to see your true personality that may not jump out of your resume, and to sell yourself visually and aurally to that market. And, it is not that difficult to do.

But, it needs to be done right.

Here’s how to do it right.

First, write your script.

A good 90 second video script captures quickly why you are unique, and better at meeting the needs of your target market better than any potential competitor in an authentic manner. It is focused precisely, rendered passionately, and supported factually. It is catchy and memorable, and shows your true personality. And a little bit of natural humor in your own style won’t hurt.

That’s what you should do. Here’s what you shouldn’t.

Don’t regurgitate your years of experience. Don’t offer a litany of all the companies you have worked for. Don’t reel off all the jobs you have had. Don’t list all the projects you have worked on.

Your visual resume does all that.

Make your 90 second video profile complement and supplement your Infographics resume, not replicate and duplicate it.

Second, record and upload your 90 second masterpiece.

And when you do so, keep a few things in mind.

Dress appropriately. That doesn’t mean you have to dress up. Just make sure you have the right attire for what you are pitching. If it is a movie script, t-shirt and jeans may be fine. But if it is your consulting services, you may want to break out the suit.

Be natural. Smile a little. Stumble a bit, it’s ok. Speak at your natural pace. Use your hands. Pause for emphasis. Don’t read your script. Don’t be too studied and stilted. Use colloquialisms. Be endearing.

Get the set right. That means, your surroundings should fit your pitch. Study for speaking, office for consulting, laboratory for innovating. You get it. The backdrop should support and accentuate your message, not clash and conflict with it. Make sure the lighting is good, so that you don’t look like Vincent Price in a B-movie.

Third, make your 90 second pitch readily discoverable and accessible.

That means that you tag it appropriately so that it shows up in searches. Typical keywords include the type of service, the industry, the location, the topic. But you don’t have to stop there. Think of what potential customers might put in to the search box to find you, and use them.

It also means that the minute your video is tagged and posted, you tweet it, post it, pin it, and email it to all the people who would benefit from watching it.

You can record your pitch video on YouTube. But, you will struggle with a few things.

No teleprompter for reading your script at the right pace, without looking cross-eyed and sounding staccato-paced. No one place where pitch videos are located, so that you can attract your targeted audience. And, no synergistic benefits of having your visual resume and your video pitch in the same place.

In fact, there is no website today that gives you a platform to use both these tool to market yourself, your company, or your products systematically and meaningfully.

Until now.

Welcome to QuantumFly.

It is the only website on the planet that allows you to instantaneously import your Linked-in resume and convert it automatically into visual format in 90 seconds AND record, upload, post, tag, and search for 90 second pitch videos that capture the authentic essence of what you have to offer.

And, it offers great tools to help with both of these professional digital avatars. Like a teleprompter that scrolls up at the right pace underneath your laptop camera so you can read your video script easily and naturally.  Like popups that appear automatically after you have built your 90-second visual resume and your 90-second pitch video so that you can make them viral across your social networks. Like engagements that you can offer in 8 different domains to potential customers who are in need of your expertise using your visual resume and video pitch.

Now, all that’s left to do is sit back in your favorite couch, light up a stogie, and wait for the messages and pings to start coming in. You have just branded your past and broadcasted your present brilliantly to the world.

Digitally run, don’t walk, to the QuantumFly website at

You can thank us later.

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