Digital disruption in talent sourcing market- A QuantumFly View


As we are in the space of knowledge sourcing, our research on job markets and global economies is relentless. It so happened that we came across this amazing report: A Labor Market that works: Connecting Talent with opportunity in the Digital Age by McKinsey Global Institute (Click here to know more about the institute). This report throws deep insights into the effect online talent platforms can bring on labor markets across globe.

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Why leveraging one’s knowledge is very important in today’s economy?


Leveraging knowledge?? What an interesting subject, right?

What do you mean by that? In today’s world, every individual is gathering information to augment own knowledge every minute. It can be at work or even out of own interest. Everyone is so fortunate today to have millions of sources for information which can help them polish their knowledge and be the best in their field.

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