Sharing Economy: Travel, Accommodation and now Knowledge!!!


Sharing economy had taken the world by a storm and it is so fresh and exciting to us. According to Investopedia, definition of sharing economy goes like this:

An economic model in which individuals are able to borrow or rent assets owned by someone else.

If you carefully read this definition, you will be able to figure out the benefits of this new phenomenon. Every individual who is part of this economy is benefiting in some or other way. That’s the beauty of sharing economy: Its the perfect win-win situation.

So what happens exactly in a sharing economy process?

An owner is able to monetize his otherwise unused (or almost) asset by renting it out. For example, if you have a car which is not been used well or a house, you can rent it out and make money according to your convenience.

So now there are several startups who are facilitating this sharing and becoming successful. You can get a glimpse of some of them here.

Travel and Accommodation

Our favorite companies who operates in sharing economy model are Airbnb and Uber. They are the pioneers of this space and changed the way world looks at sharing economy. Both of them faced their own challenges on their course to success. The best part is they solve problems of millions of individuals by providing solutions at their convenience. For example, you are travelling to London and it is much easier to get your accommodation according to your budget now; thanks to Airbnb or you want to make money using your not much used car, start driving for Uber.

Here come the best part: According to PwC study, sharing economy possess a potential revenue opportunity worth $335bn. Isn’t it exciting for all of us?

One of the major sectors in the report of PwC is online staffing. Now comes sharing economy for knowledge.

Now this is mind-blowing. Don’t you think so?

You may ask why? Let us explain.

Every talented individual on this planet possess one asset to share with individuals and organizations who will immensely benefit from that- Their KNOWLEDGE. Sharing economy for knowledge means talented individuals living in any part of this world will be able to connect with individuals or organizations who are in need of their expertise and share the same.

Knowledge sharing will soon be the biggest boon for all the talented folks across globe and it will present them with enormous opportunities to leverage their talent.

Are you ready to share your knowledge and skills?

Now, lets present to you, QuantumFly, world’s 1st specialized knowledge sourcing platform for talented individuals across the globe. It is world’s first multi-domain engagement network enabling true peer-to-peer knowledge sourcing globally.

How it will help talented folks across globe? 

QuantumFly provides a platform that allows talented individuals like you to brand your past, broadcast your present and build your future, all in 15 minutes. Any talented individual can leverage his talent in 8 ways on QuantumFly: Mentoring, Consulting, Learning, Resourcing, Innovating, Speaking, Publishing and Researching.

So what next? Visit and signup as a QuantumFlyer today.


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