A Sneak Peek into QuantumFly’s tools- Visual Resume

This post is dedicated to all the talented folks across the globe.

As many of you know, we are in the process of launching a revolutionary and disruptive platform for all of you, which will be the Uber for knowledge sourcing worldwide.

Now, you know what Uber is, right? The sharing economy solution for people with cars and people needing a ride anywhere on the planet. Worth $50B at last count. In 5 years after launch.

But what does it mean to be the Uber of knowledge sourcing?

Our platform is based on the same principle of sharing economy like Uber. But, instead of sharing your car with others who need it, and making money from it, on our platform you will leverage your most important asset (your skills and knowledge) to make money.

But I do that already, you state. It is called my job, you assert. I get paid for my talents to do my job, you aver.

You are correct in your statement, your assertion, your averment. But a job is only ONE way to leverage your skills and expertise. How about monetizing your talent BEYOND your job?

For example, Jim is an expert in Digital Marketing in New York. He works for an advertising firm in that area, and he is good at his job. He can join QuantumFly, brand his past, broadcast his present, and build his future through engagements beyond his job that can add to his reputation and his wallet.

There are 8 different ways for Jim to leverage his skills in this manner on QuantumFly – Consulting, Mentoring, Researching, Learning, Resourcing, Publishing, Speaking and Innovating.

We bet no platform will allow such vast repertoire of ways to leverage your knowledge.

That’s one of the things that makes QuantumFly different from other portals which offer part time jobs or freelance jobs. We simply have more ways in which to leverage your expertise.

Another way in which we are different is how we enable you to differentiate yourself. There are millions of talented personnel out there. How will you stand out from the crowd?

That is the first question we had in mind when we started off our journey of building this amazing platform which will benefit millions of folks across the globe.

QuantumFly offers some super cool tools for every member once they come on-board which will help them showcase their talents in front of the RIGHT audience. And the best part is they are FREE.

Lets take a quick look at one of the tools which QuantumFly will have in store- A Visual Resume.

Everyone is bored of the normal textual resume which we all have. It does not make our skills stand out much these days. So, at QuantumFly, we are bringing in a visual (infographic) resume for all members.

How will you create your Visual Resume?

Its simple. Just signup on QuantumFly, Use your textual resume, and you can build your own visual resume.

How will my visual resume look like?

Below are some snippets from our visual resume builder. You can see some of the key features of QuantumFly’s resume builder.

1. Resume Header, to capture attention

Visual resume header will introduce you in the RIGHT manner with your current title and a distinctive background wallpaper.

2. Work Experience, on a timeline

Your experience will be displayed in a graphical manner over time along with your roles, showing how you have advanced and progressed in your career.

3. Education, as a continuous flow

All your educational qualifications will be listed in the order as a moving pattern. After all, education is a lifelong process. Shouldn’t it be shown that way.

4. Skills, the most portable component

All your skills are highlighted in circular charts form with the ability to input number of years of experience in each of the skills. At the end of the day, this is what people will pay you good money for.

5. Your interests, ranked based on your preference

These interests will determine the kind of engagements you will obtain on QuantumFly and also give customers an insight into your interests and how they are prioritized

6. Languages, for a global community

Your language proficiency is also well represented in terms of various levels of comfort and familiarity. In a flat world, this is becoming more and more important.

7. Stats, to establish your credibility

Stats around years of experience, number of connections, number of engagements delivered, and customer ratings of your performance can help customers find the RIGHT personnel. You can add many more relevant stats to your skill and expertise.

8. Recommendations, as proof of results

Recommendations from your past engagements are portrayed as well to reinforce your credibility.

Last but not least, a contact form for people to contact you immediately is also provided.

You can also share your Infographic profile through your social channels to any and all of your network contacts.

So we hope you have seen the power of visual resume which QuantumFly will offer.

There are many more awesome tools which will be available for you on our platform.

So as a talented individual, you need to be a part of this global knowledge community. Signup at www.quantumfly.com as a QuantumFlyer, and we promise you that exciting times are ahead for you.

Until the next post… keep building your talents and skills. They are going to be utilized to the fullest when you become a QuantumFlyer!

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