Your best asset for today’s sharing economy- Your Knowledge

Knowledge The sharing economy is proving to be a huge driver of economic growth and productivity across the globe, by allowing many of us to use our assets and leverage them to our benefit financially. There are several ventures across the globe operating in the sharing economy business model. Our most favorite ones are Uber and Airbnb. They have allowed millions of people to leverage their existing homes and cars to make money for themselves, and to make lives much easier for others. But what if you don’t have an inactive asset like a home or a car to leverage, and you want to enhance your income? How do you participate in the sharing economy? Your best asset which you can leverage in today’s sharing economy is your knowledge. You might wonder what do we mean by that? Lets go through some statistics first. According to a 2014 study conducted by Edelman Berland:

  • 53 million people are working as freelancers in the US which is around 34% of the workforce.
  • These freelancers contribute about $715 billion to the economy.
  • Millennials are freelancing more than any other age group.
  • 77% freelancers are of the opinion that better days are coming up for them.
  • 80% of the folks who are employed would like to take on additional engagements besides their regular jobs.

So now you might have got a glimpse of the opportunity which exists for you in this sharing economy. Why is knowledge your BEST asset in this sharing economy?

  • Your knowledge is distinctive and differentiated. Homes and cars may be similar. Experience and expertise is not. There is only one of you. That gives you the chance to stand out in a sea of sameness
  • Your skill sets can be beneficial for several organizations or individuals in multiple industries and sectors of the economy. At any given time, only a small percentage of individuals are looking for a ride or a home to stay in. That is not true for knowledge. The demand is much bigger.
  • Your distribution network for knowledge is global. As an Uber driver or an AirBnB renter, you are restricted to the city in which you have the asset. Not true for knowledge. With today’s global communication platforms, you can be in Timbuktu and offer your services in Tokyo.
  • Your knowledge adds significant value. Read that to mean significant revenue or significant savings. Getting an Uber driver or an Airbnb home may save you $50-$100. If you teach people about digital marketing or consult with companies on automation, you could contribute millions of dollars in revenues or savings.  That means you can charge more for sharing your knowledge than for sharing your car or your home. Much more.
  • You have more pricing flexibility with knowledge than with other assets. If you are a novice speaker, you can do it for free to drive up demand. If you are an experienced consultant in a high impact area, charge $100k. You are not restricted to a set price,as for a home or a drive.
  • Your knowledge is available with you 24/7, and you can utilize it according to your preferences. You can become a virtual consultant or an  in-person one. You can work on weekdays or weekends. And, you can leverage it even when you have a full time job. Try doing that as an Uber driver.
  • Your knowledge’s prospects are limitless. You can utilize your skills to write a book which will benefit millions across the globe. You can develop a product leveraging your talents which will be useful for millions across the world. You can speak, train, consult, mentor – knowledge flows seamlessly through multiple channels. See the BIG picture?

So, your knowledge is the best asset which you can leverage in today’s sharing economy. Thinking about where and how to find opportunities to leverage your knowledge? Welcome to QuantumFly. QuantumFly is the Uber of professional services worldwide. It is the world’s first multi-domain engagement network enabling true peer-to-peer knowledge sourcing globally. It provides opportunity for talented folks like you to leverage your knowledge via Consulting, Mentoring, Learning, Innovating, Resourcing, Speaking, Publishing and Researching and convert your talents into money. Here’s the best part. QuantumFly even lets you monetize your colleagues’ talents. You can make bank off the engagements delivered by the people you bring in to the network. I am not kidding. Don’t wait. Start leveraging your talent, and those of your colleagues at

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