Why entrepreneurs and startups should get excited about sharing economy?

Isn’t this the most exciting time to be an entrepreneur who is bringing your startup idea to fruition?

It is really refreshing and thrilling to see the growth in the number of individuals coming up with amazing products and services globally. Based on a recent survey, there are 543,000 startups getting established in the US every month (Read here).

But most of these startups face several challenges in today’s economy. Let’s have a look at some of those challenges which affect most of the startups and entrepreneurs. They come in the form of five types of people, as follows.

1. Masterful Mentors: Every entrepreneur or startup can benefit immensely from a RIGHT mentor at the RIGHT time. Most of the entrepreneurs feel the need for a mentor while setting up their business and also while running the show. Mentors can help entrepreneurs understand the nuances of running a business, and anticipate challenges well in advance so that they can be well prepared to address them. But getting the RIGHT mentors is one of the major challenges for every startup and entrepreneur.

2. Intelligent Investors: Most of the entrepreneurs or innovators have magnificent product or service ideas. They are very clear about the problem which their product/service will address, and even know the correct prospect segment as well. But one of the major obstacles which stand in most entrepreneurs’ way is acquiring the RIGHT funding for kicking off their project. Funding is one of the most crucial factors in the success of every startup or business venture. There are huge numbers of venture capitalists who are investing in new innovative ideas these days. But finding the RIGHT one at the RIGHT time can be an overwhelming task for many startups and entrepreneurs.

3. Talented Team: For every brilliant idea to become successful, quality talent is a MUST to have. Talent is one of the key differentiating factors when it comes to startup success. Talented teams make every startup’s journey to success much smoother and easier. But finding the RIGHT talent, nourishing them and motivating them is one of the major challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

4. Perfect Partners: Today’s world is a place where collaboration and partnerships are the best ways to succeed. There is a trend observed these days, where companies are collaborating with others, to bring out amazing products/ services to the market. This helps firms to bring in the skillsets they are lacking, and accomplish their goals in a win-win manner. But finding the RIGHT partners for innovation and collaboration is one of the major challenges faced by startups and entrepreneurs.

5. Smart Service-providers: Startups need a variety of services during their setup period for which they cannot afford to hire someone at that time. These include bookkeeping, legal, marketing etc. The best bet is to hire a consultant or part-time resource for getting those tasks done. This will save time, energy and money for entrepreneurs. But finding the right resources for such services can prove a tedious process for many startups and entrepreneurs.

So these are some of the challenges which affect the success of many startups and entrepreneurs. They need to be tackled effectively so that the startup’s goals can be met.

One of the blessings for today’s entrepreneur is the sharing economy model which is developing these days. This holds the key to most of their problems. The sharing economy can give these entrepreneurs access to all the above types of people efficiently and effectively, with the right platform.

You might be thinking- How?

We are about to launch our sharing economy based venture, QuantumFly, which will be a major boost for innovators, entrepreneurs and startups. It will be the world’s 1st specialized knowledge sourcing platform for talented individuals across the globe.

Knowledge sourcing involves acquiring the skill sets, knowledge base and talents which you lack or need from an individual who possesses it. This individual can be from anywhere in the world.  They can be in a fulltime job today or retired or studying for a degree or looking for a job or freelancing. It doesn’t matter. What matters is what they know that is shareable and monetizable.

With a platform like QuantumFly, you can find the mentors, investors, team, partners, and service-providers that you need to make your startup gloriously successful. All on one platform, all in a few minutes.

What is QuantumFly?

QuantumFly is the Uber of professional services worldwide. It is the world’s first multi-domain engagement network enabling true peer-to-peer knowledge sourcing globally. It provides opportunities for talented folks like you to leverage your knowledge via Consulting, Mentoring, Learning, Innovating, Resourcing, Speaking, Publishing and Researching and convert your talents into money.

Here’s the best part. QuantumFly is the first sharing economy platform that offers revenue sharing to its members.  You can make bank off the engagements delivered by the people you bring into the network. It is an amazing way to make mailbox money – just go to your mailbox every month and pick up your check.

I am not kidding. Don’t wait. Start leveraging your talent and those of your colleagues at www.quantumfly.com.

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