How can sharing economy become a boon for working professionals?


“Sharing economy” is a buzzword these days across the globe. There are lots of startups and ventures popping up in this particular area, and it is one of the most exciting fields to observe.

While there has been a lot of activity in the sharing economy space related to physical assets like houses and cars, there has not been as much focus on intellectual assets in this area, and how working professionals can benefit from the sharing economy.

In fact, one of the most important groups of stakeholders who can benefit from sharing economy model is Working Professionals.

Why? Working Professionals across the globe, irrespective of their location and experience, face a number of challenges, which hinder their future prospects. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Income Growth: Steady growth of income is one of the major challenges faced by working professionals these days. Every working professional across the globe faces this challenge, and it’s an alarming one. This segment of the population depends heavily on annual raises and bonuses, so a steady improvement in these numbers will improve their prospects. But the reality is often the opposite. For example, according to a report, working professionals in the US are expected to receive raises averaging at 3% in 2015. With the inflation rampant across globe, this kind of increase in salaries is daunting for working professionals.
  • Job Security: If you glance through any newspapers or career journals these days, it is very easy to stumble upon news regarding layoffs happening across the globe. It is a very uncertain time to be a member of the working community in any part of the world. As per a recent expert analysis, the US could go into recession in 2015. This can be alarming for working professionals, and this uncertainty is one of the biggest challenges faced by them.
  • New Career Opportunities: Any working professional has to be on their toes to search and find new career opportunities to advance in their field. This requires lots of time, effort and dedication from every professional. This is the only way for them to safeguard their future, and be recession proof. But it is a challenge because of the limited amount of time they have to spare, and the efforts they have to put in to finding such opportunities itself is a huge task in itself.
  • Skill Upgrade: One of the most important challenges faced by today’s workforce is the continuous upgrade of their skills required. Today’s workplace’s demands are ever evolving due to the continuous improvement in tools and technologies. Every employee is expected to be on top of the latest technology or tool in their area of expertise. It is time consuming and expensive for every talented working person to stay on top of developments in their field, but it is necessary.
  • Networking: Networking poses another challenge for today’s workforce. It is inevitable to meet the tough demands of today’s job market. Networking with the right personnel helps us to be on top of latest market developments, job opportunities, skill upgrades etc. But connecting with the right network is a challenge in itself.

 So how can the sharing economy help working professionals address all these challenges? 

First let’s understand what the Sharing Economy is.

According to Investopedia, It is an economic model in which individuals are able to borrow or rent assets owned by someone else. The sharing economy model is most likely to be used when the price of a particular asset is high and the asset is not fully utilized all the time.

The Sharing Economy can help working professionals by:

  • Providing opportunities to utilize their skills and knowledge better outside their jobs. These can be assignments or projects that can be completed without affecting their day jobs. And the best part is these projects can be paid or free. Advantages of these engagements can be monetary benefits, upgrade of skills, or even a new job opportunity. For example, a working professional who has over 10 years of experience in Web Development can utilize his/her skills to consult with a start-up that needs help in setting up their website.
  • Providing avenues to upgrade their skills and become a master of their area of expertise or domain. These opportunities will help working professionals explore areas in their domain which their job may not permit. This will help them become recession proof in their organization. For example, a working professional with vast experience in Outbound Marketing can utilize opportunities to upgrade skills in Inbound Marketing using engagements.
  • Providing prospects with new career opportunities. The engagements which the sharing economy provides can bring in new avenues to find jobs for professionals who are open to change or are looking for opportunities. This is one of the most awesome benefits of the sharing economy- it brings the right opportunities for the right folks. For example, a working professional with experience in application development can do an engagement with a start-up in the same domain and get hired by them.
  • Providing amazing networking opportunities.Engagements available for working professionals via the sharing economy bring vast networking opportunities. That opens up channels of communication with new groups and networks, which otherwise would be very difficult for working folks to find. For example, an experienced engineer from Boston can find networks in India in his area of interest via sharing economy.

So by now, it should be clear  that being a part of this sharing economy revolution as a working professional has a ton of benefits.

And, another question may have popped up in your mind. Where can one find such opportunities using sharing economy?

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