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Power of Choice

Global talent pool is growing every year and it is fascinating to see the trends in this area. According to this report from OECD, the number of tertiary educated young people between the age of 25 and 34 in OECD and G20 countries has grown nearly 45% in the past decade. The report also mentions that G20 countries like Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia and South Africa were the main drivers of the global growth in the last decade. Another major highlight of this report is the distribution of talent according to the field. It is estimated that by 2030, China and India will account for more than 60% of the OECD and G20 graduates in fields of science, engineering, technology, and mathematics.

The amount of upcoming talent is really astonishing and is good for the industries which are on the lookout of such global skill sets. Meanwhile, some factors that is alarming for this global talent is the lack of opportunities and unemployment rates across the globe. One of the most common piece of news which you can easily find in any publication is the lay-offs which every major corporation across the globe is carrying out. That is not a good sign for any talent anywhere in this world.

According to MRINetwork, unemployment rates exists across the globe in varied degrees and while the situation improved across Africa, Middle East and Europe, others were not witnessing improvements. Some key notable points were:

  • Eurozone’s unemployment rate stood at 10.9 % while South Africa is struggling
  • Japan’s unemployment rate fell from 3.4 percent in June to 3.3 percent in July
  • Brazil’s unemployment rate was also on the rise, climbing to 8.3%
  • The U.S. reported unemployment rate drop to 5.1 percent in August.

These are not welcoming signs for the talent across the globe and these challenges needs to be tackled at the right time. Global talent doesn’t have the liberty to choose their area of interest and pursue a career in that. This trend is detrimental to every country’s growth and future.

So we did our fair bit of research on solutions for these challenges. One of the solutions we could observe from various citations was sharing economy or collaborative economy. Collaborative or sharing economy has the potential to help millions of talented folks across the globe tackle their challenges pertaining to utilization of their knowledge and skills.

So, here we are, at QuantumFly, offering POWER OF CHOICE to all the talent across the globe. We believe this power has the potential to change lives of millions of talented folks around the world.

What is this POWER OF CHOICE?

At QuantumFly, every talent will be offered power to choose how to leverage their talent or skills or knowledge in 8 specialized ways. These 8 different ways ensure effective utilization of skills, professional growth and financial emoluments for every talented person.

Let’s have a look at these 8 unique ways to leverage one’s talent:

  1. Coaching: Will allow talented folks to leverage their knowledge and experience to become mentors to folks who are in need of them. Mentoring will help them draw their experience in helping others who needs advice and guidance.
  2. Speaking: Will allow talent across the globe to utilize their knowledge to become a speaker in front of an audience who are waiting to grasp their wisdom. Speakers are of huge demand in today’s world and knowledgeable folks can make use of this opportunity.
  3. Training: There is a huge amount of personnel around the world who are on the looking for avenues to upgrade their skills- be it through knowledgeable individuals or specialized institutions. This is the perfect opportunity for talented folks to leverage their experience and knowledge to impart knowledge to others via training.
  4. Consulting: In today’s business world, every organization including startups understand the fact that they cannot have all the talent they require on their payroll. They engage with consultants with relevant skills to match the missing piece of talent. So any talented individual can utilize this opportunity of making use of their knowledge and skills as a consultant.
  5. Researching: Today’s world is driven by data and every decision or innovation is backed up by it. Whether it be a new startup with a new innovative product or a new breakthrough drug or even an economic reform, all are based on data which validates its importance. One can easily leverage own researching skills to become a researcher for all those firms or individuals looking out for that support.
  6. Publishing: There is a huge demand for content development nowadays. Every individual and business is looking out for developing their own content and publish it. Talented folks can help them with their skills to develop their content like white papers, publications etc.
  7. Innovating: This is the era of innovation and entrepreneurship. Every country across the globe is buzzing with new ventures coming up with latest innovations. If you have the necessary knowledge and talent to bring up a new innovation, this is the RIGHT time.
  8. Resourcing: There is a huge gap in demand and supply of specialized talent across the globe. There is a need for talent existing in various areas of the business world. One can leverage own knowledge and skills to utilize this opportunity to build their career and future.

 This 8 choices can help all the talent across the globe to leverage their skills in the best possible manner and reap benefits.

We have put together an infographic for depicting our POWER OF CHOICE which you can download here.

OK understood. What next?

You should exercise your POWER OF CHOICE easily. Confused how?

QuantumFly can help. QuantumFly is world’s 1st specialized sharing economy model knowledge sourcing platform for talented individuals across the globe. It will help you leverage your talent utilizing the choices we discussed above.

Visit now and request for an invitation.

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