Top 10 challenges faced by freelancers and their solution


The growth of freelance workforce is on the rise across the globe. According to this report, there are 53 million Americans (which is 34% of the working population) are freelancing. Many experts have already predicted that this trend is going to go upwards here onward. It is exciting to observe a large number of talented folks moving towards freelance work model for utilization of their skills.

While all this statistics are exhilarating, there are several challenges which most of the freelancers face when they run their show. We have selected the top 10 challenges (according to QuantumFly) and provide our solution to those. Here are the top 10 challenges freelancers face:

  1. Bad clients & their effects: Every freelancer would have faced this challenge at least once in their career. Bad clients can refer to the ones who are unclear about the goals, who doesn’t pay on time, who are mean for some reason, who are unresponsive etc. It is tough to deal with such clients on a regular basis for anyone.
  2. Ever-changing requirements of the clients: In many scenarios, freelancers face this challenge of their client changing the requirements in the midst of the assignment. While starting off, the client might have asked for a particular output; but in due course of time, they might ask the freelancer to deliver something extra or even something different altogether. This can be pretty time-consuming and frustrating for the freelancer.
  3.  Multi-tasking on the fly: A freelancer has to be a jack of all trades most of the times. He has to acquire clients, manage the relationship, deliver the work and maintain client’s happiness quotient. Need not say, he/she has to follow up for the payment as well. This makes the task of being a freelancer a daunting one.
  4. Unrealistic deadline pressures: Most of the freelancers have clients who are very pressurizing with the deadline for the assignments. Most of the clients expect the work to be completed in a much faster fashion and always set unrealistic deadlines. This is a pain for freelancers and they have to fire with extra cylinders to meet these deadlines.
  5. Relentless Networking: Every freelancer always feels overwhelmed by the task of continuous networking he/she has to undertake. This networking is a mandatory task for them to acquire new clients and attracting more business. Sometimes this can prove a real daunting task for most of the freelancers.
  6. Tussle with various payment methods: This is one of the major challenges faced by freelancers across the globe. Freelancers might operate via various websites or even clients who will be having a specific set of payment methods which might not be compatible with his/her system. This can lead to extra cost pressures and efforts for the freelancer so that he can process payments on time.
  7. Currency fluctuations effects: Most of the freelancers face this challenge of having a  different currency compared to their clients. While currency values keep fluctuating, sometimes freelancers end up on the losing side when it comes to project value.
  8. Negotiation skills: Every freelancer should possess one skill for his or her success- Negotiation. Clients can be very pushy when it comes to project pricing, so negotiation skills can help a freelancer at times like that. A good negotiation skill can help a freelancer to get the right value for his offerings.
  9. Never ending client hunting: Prospecting for new clients is one of the major challenges for every freelancer. It takes up a major amount of time for every freelancer. Finding the right avenues for right prospects, connecting with them, convincing and converting them as clients is a daunting task.
  10. Cash Management & Handling: As every freelancer is a self-sufficient organization by themselves, they have to manage their finances as well. They have to send invoices to clients on time, follow up and collect the payment. This demands a lot of time, discipline, and efforts from every freelancer.

Now it can be assumed, being a freelancer is not an easy job. It requires lots of planning, skills and focus.

What freelancers need today is a platform which can tackle most of these challenges for them and let them do their job; which is helping their clients accomplish their goals. 

Where can all the freelancers across the globe find a platform like that?

We present to all of them, QuantumFly. QuantumFly is world’s 1st specialized sharing economy platform for knowledge sourcing. Every talented freelancer can leverage his/her talent here without having to worry about any of the challenges mentioned above.

QuantumFly takes care of bringing clients for them, payment instruments, smooth deadlines, well-agreed assignments and much more. So we invite all talented freelancers to visit and join this new revolution.

“Leveraging Talents, Connecting Minds” is our motto.






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